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A complete grinder pump unit includes the pump, tank, and all controls Never use the sewer to dispose: Sharp objects such as fish tank gravel, broken glass,

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Your Local Expert Grinder Pump Repair Company - Call now for fast service but when they are not working properly, plumbing service is needed immediately.

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For home improvement enthusiasts who are keen to take on any jobs around the home including the grinder pump, knowing the kinds of problems these pumps

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A grinder pump is a pump unit located at a low point in your house or in your instances, the problem could be an excessive amount of flow to the grinder pump.

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When is a grinder pump installed instead of a traditional sewer lateral? A grinder pump is If the power goes out, the grinder pump will not work. However, the

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Review key points about grinder pumps and find out what to do in case of a grinder pump alarm.

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Q&A on SFA product use, installation, and warranty.

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Q: What grinder pump issues/grinder pump problems can occur? These items should not be introduced into any sewer or septic system; they can damage or

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Also check to be sure there's an air bleed hole near the bottom of the waste pipe (another potential cause of pump failure). If you don't see one, drill a 1/ in. Grinder Pump Not Working

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Pump should be plugged into an outlet that is fed by its own circuit breaker (or fuse). If circuit breaker feeds power to other outlets or appliances, have outlet

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Pump Failure Alarm Your E-One grinder pump has been manufactured to produce an alarm signal (120 volt) in the event of a high water level

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When troubleshooting a pump system, the following will be helpful in the field: An accurate panel wiring diagram; A set of jumper wires; Voltage, ohm and amp

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A grinder pump works like a garbage disposal, but on a larger In the event of a power outage, your pump will not work unless it is

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How do I know if my grinder pump has stopped working? If your pump should stop working, the alarm panel's red light will blink, and a buzzer will sound.

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A grinder pump is a pumping unit consisting of a pump and small pipe system will not work because they both require electricity. However

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What is the most common reason for sump pump failure? A grinder pump is designed to macerate sewage into a fine slurry and then pump it

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Grinder pumps are used where gravity sewer lines cannot be used. If there is a power failure at your home, your pump system will not operate until the power

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Below are the most common ejector pump problems and their solutions: that you install some kind of grinder pump like the Shark Series by Zoeller

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E/One grinder pump stations come with alarm panels that will alert you if Service is required because the pump has stopped working. Never

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Sketch of a common sewage grinder pump used in a modern basement Guide to Septic How to maintain or troubleshoot a sewage grinder pump. Photo of a

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An Alarm Float detects pump failure, alarming the homeowner before damaging back up of sewage occurs. Homeowners may think that they are not limited by

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If it has not been drilled, disconnect the pump from your power source and drill the hole (See questions #1&4). If the vent hole solution is not the problem,

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The grinder pump assembly is the central part of the customer's sewer system. It consist of an (grinder blades jam and pump will not work) • Pour grease in a

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A: The grinder pump will be owned by the drainage district, as is the into any sewer or septic system; they can damage or cause premature problems (parts

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the pump is not running, place toggle switch to the HANDS position. With the toggle switch in HANDS position and the grinder pump station pumps down,

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If you are experiencing sewer-related problems, our troubleshooting guide offers 2) The float switch for the pump is not functioning or the pump is not working:

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Sewage & septic pump clog or failure causes, diagnosis, repair, prevention guide: . Sewage / Grinder Pump Motor will not start or won't keep running. Pump | Sewer Department

Grinder Pumps. If the Alarm Lights . . . If there is a grinder pump failure, the tank which contains the pump will become too full. An alarm light located in your

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What does the Grinder Pump Maintenance Plan offered by the Travis County If you have a grinder pump related problem, contact the W.C.I.D. directly at