Holter interpretation showed: Interpretation
Sinus rhythm with first degree A-V block with bundle branch block and left anterior fascicular block morphology, rates 47-100bpm, avergae 67bpm.
One brief period of high degree A-V block. (sinus and junctional rhythm <narrow and unblocked QRS noted>).
Blocked APBs noted and brief runs of blocked atrial premature beats (2:1 A-V conduciton).
Occasional supraventricular ectopic beats, including three non-sustained runs of supraventicular tachycardia, longest
duration 20 beats at 01.28hrs, rate 86bpm, fastest 11 beats at 18:39 hrs, 132bpm. One atrial triplet and rare atrial
Infrequent ventricular premature beats.
There were no symptoms reported by the patient.